• Financial and Debt Advisories Make Use of Newport Beach Consulting’s Work

  • Posted on January 18, 2019
  • Right now, mortgage interest rates around around 4 percent, while the average credit card interest rate tops 15 percent. That means a second mortgage could represent a significant saving on most other types of debt, according to Newport Beach Consulting. It’s not really so hard to imagine the savings when you drop a 15 percent credit card debt to 4 percent. After all, the average home gains up to $15,000 a year in equity annually, it would seem to make a lot of sense for many homeowners to use some of the equity to pay down many of their high-interest debts.

    The fine professionals at Newport Beach Consulting know what potential clients need to know to make a decision on which debt consolidation company each one should consider, to provide them with the greatest benefit. From the perspective of the financial services firms who help people reduce their debt, Newport Beach Consulting does a phenomenal job of screening qualified candidates for these services, thus making the companies who specialize in these financial services areas more successful and profitable.

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