• Financial Advisors Love Newport Beach Consulting

  • Posted on July 15, 2018
  • Newport Beach Consulting is a marketing company with the skills many financial services companies make good use of, as a way to make their services more effective and useful for those in debt, which, in turn, makes them more profitable. For the most part, what Newport Beach Consulting does is to help financial services companies bring in new clients, by qualifying leads that could help these companies assist more people with getting their finances under control. The companies they work with tend to be those with a specialty of helping people eliminate their debt, or at least reduce it enough to make it less burdensome for them and their families. Their ability of a financial services and debt consolidation firm to make a profit is to the benefit of everyone, which is why Newport Beach Consulting is so important.

    Given the average credit card interest rate, which is 15 percent, and the average home gains as much as $15,000 in equity every year, it quite often makes a lot of sense for a homeowner to take some of the equity they have and pay down some of their high-interest debts using money from a mortgage with a four percent interest rate. Right now, mortgage interest rates around around 4 percent, which will represent a significant saving on most other types of debt.

    Thankfully, those financial services firms who help people reduce their debt are quite busy these days, and Newport Beach Consulting does a great job of screening qualified candidates for these services, thus making those debt consolidation companies more successful and profitable, while also helping people reduce their level of debt. The professional staff at Newport Beach Consulting know what potential clients need to know to make a decision on which debt consolidation company each one should consider, to provide them with the greatest benefit.

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